A Nightmare Service Why Fixing Broken iPhone 11 Screens Is Better

Why Fixing Broken iPhone 11 Screens Is Better

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So I recently cracked the screen on my iPhone 12 and had to decide whether to get it fixed or just buy a new phone. After weighing the options, I realised fixing iPhone 12 screens was actually the smarter move for a few key reasons. Let me share why I chose repairs over buying a new iPhone.
First up, the cost was a big one. Buying a whole new iPhone 12 would run me $699 or more. But fixing the busted screen was way cheaper – like under $200 at some repair shops. I’d rather keep that extra cash in my wallet instead of giving it to Apple, you know? Replacing my iPhone 12 screen was definitely the more budget-friendly option.
Another factor was all my data and files on the phone. Setting up a new iPhone means you’ve got to manually move all your stuff from the old one. Huge pain, and with my screen cracked, it would’ve been a nightmare trying to transfer everything. Getting the screen fixed allowed me to keep all my apps, photos, messages, contacts, and so on intact and avoid that hassle.
I also realised that, aside from the cracked screen, my iPhone 12 still works great. The processor is still fast, the battery life is solid, and the cameras are awesome. It just didn’t make sense to ditch the whole phone when one simple fix would extend its life by years. Repairing the screen helps me maximise my investment in this device.
And when I’m finally ready to upgrade to the latest iPhone down the road, my fixed iPhone 12 will be in way better shape to trade in or sell used. I’ll get more money back with a pristine screen than I would with spiderwebs of cracked glass.
So for me, repairing cracked iPhone 11 screens is clearly the smarter call. It’ll save you a chunk of money, keep all your data safely in place, let you hold onto a phone that otherwise still performs great, and will help its resale value later. Next time you crack your iPhone screen, think twice before buying a brand new one – fixing it is probably the better option!

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